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It is planned to organize one (or two) buses from Skopje to Ohrid for the symposium needs.

There are several ways to come in Ohrid: with plain, with bus and with train (to Skopje, or Bitola).

There are direct or indirect plains to the airport of Skopje from most European capitals. Skopje airport is about 15 km from Main bus station in Skopje, from where is direct line to Ohrid (200 km, about 3 hours of travel trough the magnificent landscapes, gorges and canyons; bi-directional bus tickets costs about 12e or 700-800 denars)

There are many express bus lines to Skopje from most European capitals and cities (final point is on the Main bus station, from where you can take the bus to Ohrid, as described above)

Train lines are from Belgrade on about every 3-4 hours, which most of them finish in Skopje (and further to Greece), and one line finish in Bitola (85.000 inhabitants, 40 km, east of Ohrid).

EXCHANGE RATE    1 euro = 61.6 denars (in average; generally from 61.5 to 61.9 denars)

                                  1$ USD = about 47 denars